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The Longest Meals

Jun 15, 2017

Beating a record set by the Italian city of Naples, chefs in California made the longest pizza on the planet on June 10. The pie stretched 1.2 miles, weighed more than 7 tons and could feed 10,000. Here, other foods of record-smashing length.


Nashville, Mich., built a 3,656-ft. ice cream sundae, made of 5,400 lb. of ice cream, berries, syrup and cream in September 2016, beating a record set months earlier by nearby Ludington.


Retailer Carrefour and meat producer Aldis made the world's longest sausage in Ploiesti, Romania, in December 2014. The 38.9-mile wurst weighed 45 tons.


Four movable ovens were used to bake bread for a 2,411-ft. sandwich in Beirut in May 2011. The sub was then filled with chicken breast, tomato, pickles and spices.

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