Watch Kevin Spacey and Jimmy Fallon Pretend to Be Tennis Players Who Hate Each Other

Apr 19, 2017

With House of Cards actor Kevin Spacey now set to host June's Tony Awards, it looks like the seasoned screen star is fitting in some live-television practice.

The actor stopped by Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show Tuesday to chat with the host—and perform a downright hilarious version of Mad Lib Theater. As usual in Mad Lib Theater, Fallon requested Spacey provide a number of adjectives, verbs, and even body parts to fill out the sketch. Spacey delivered, coming up with unexpected vocabulary that would later play crucial roles in their scene.

Dressed as retro tennis champion competitors, complete with full tracksuits, voluminous wigs, and necessary sweat bands, Spacey and Fallon then got down to business bringing their funky skit to life.

"Well, this time you better be ready, because I'm gonna serve the ball faster than a dying owl," Fallon warned as they prepared to face off.

"Oh, you are going down, because I'm gonna be all over the court like a rambunctious sex therapist," Spacey responded to huge laughs, before their ball machine began shooting tennis balls at both of them at once.

But the heated game was not to last for long: surprise guest John McEnroe—the real tennis star—popped up out of the background in a real twist. Watch, above, to see McEnroe, Spacey, and Fallon finish off the hilarious performance.

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