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Trump Impersonator Smugly Defends 'Very Successful' Trump University

Apr 19, 2017

President Donald Trump's most studied impersonator took a stab at the President's legal battle over Trump University.

In a promotional video for the upcoming Comedy Central parody live from the Oval Office, The President Show, comedian seasoned impersonator Anthony Atamanuik answers the tough questions in-character for an Air Force One "interview" about Trump University. According to this Trump character, the President's defunct eponymous seminar is a storied academic institution.

"I didn't have any experience in education and then I created a very successful Trump University, one of the great universities," he said in Trumpian hyperbolic terms. Trump agreed to a $25 million settlement to end high-profile lawsuits over his real estate mentorship program, which the comedian was happy to defend. "No fraud. no fraud. Because I have 25 million dollars. By that suit, you don't have ten cents," he said.

Atamanuik who recently "released" shredded tax returns at the Tax March has long garnered fans for his bile-filled take on the president. The President Show debuts on Comedy Central on April 27.

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