The Internet Is Having a Field Day With This Photo of President Trump

Jan 31, 2017

President Trump is learning the hard way not to hold up pieces of paper before people on the internet.

After signing a number of executive actions greenlighting a border wall, withdrawing from the Trans Pacific Partnership and suspending a refugee program during his first week in the Oval Office, Trump has made it a habit of holding them up afterward for cameras.

But where there's a blank piece of paper, sign, or poster, the internet will reliably find a way to turn that canvas into endless possibilities.

So unsurprisingly, this photo has lit up the internet, where users have transformed the GIF of Trump displaying a signed order into crude illustrations of the time-honored children's doodle canon that only a mother could love, and various visual gags.

See some below.

A "kat":

A house:

A personal attack:

A fictional ban:

An impressive throwback collection:

One user also got quite meta.

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