Macall B. Polay/HBO
By Megan McCluskey
January 25, 2017

There are still two seasons to go before Game of Thrones comes to a (hopefully) epic end, but the show’s stars are already starting to consider what life will be like post-Westeros.

During a recent appearance on This Morning With Phillip & Holly to promote her new Netflix film iBoy, Maisie Williams — who plays Arya Stark on the HBO drama — revealed she’s both nervous and excited to have more time for new projects.

“It’s really strange. It’s exciting because there’s been so many things I haven’t been able to give my all because I’ve been such big part of Game of Thrones,” she said. “So it’s exciting thinking, ‘oh, I can do whatever I want with my career and I don’t have any ties.’ But it’s also really scary because that’s been my safety blanket.”

Watch the full clip below.


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