“King Louie” the lobster rides on the back of a boat on his way to be set free after being saved by Katie Conklin in Alma, Canada.  Courtesy of Alma Lobster Shop

A Canadian Vegan Bought a 23-Pound Lobster Just to Set it Free

Dec 01, 2016

King Louie the humongous lobster has been pardoned, thanks to one Canadian woman who bought his freedom.

Alma Lobster Shop in New Brunswick posted photos of the 23-pound lobster being sold online, prompting local media attention. Katie Conklin, a vegan from Nova Scotia, decided to spend 230 Canadian dollars (about $170 USD) and ask for Louie to be set free, CTV reports.

Fisherman Rodney MacDonald obliged on Tuesday, shouting "Thank you Katie!" as he plopped the lobster back into the water.

"It went full circle," Catherine MacDonald, an owner of the Alma Lobster Shop, told Toronto's Metro News. MacDonald said Louie could be 100 years old based on his size.


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