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Japan Plans to Fulfill Your Wildest Dreams With a Spa Amusement Park

Nov 28, 2016

In what might be the best idea of 2016, Japan has announced plans to open a spa amusement park in Beppu, which is famous for its hot springs.

Thanks to a now-viral video that depicts a hypothetical "spamusement" park complete with bubble bath roller coasters and steam room trolley rides, a spa amusement park is now actually in the works. In addition to showing many potential relaxing activities, the clip also featured Beppu's mayor Yasuhiro Nagano saying that he'll work to make this fantastical idea a reality if the video hit one million views.

Now, nearly a week later, the video has garnered almost two million views. Furthermore, it looks like Mayor Nagano will be making good on his promise — according to RocketNews24, the mayor's office issued a press release that confirmed that plans for the amusement park are underway.

Watch the full video below.

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