'Dishonored 2' Launch Trailer Shows Exactly How I Won't Play the Game

Nov 09, 2016

The miraculous thing about the original Dishonored, studio Arkane's bleak first-person prowler, is that you can finish it without offing a soul.

There's an achievement for doing so, in fact. I'm not saying it's a cakewalk, but therein lies the allure. All those lovely, lethal gadgets and supernatural talents beckon, but so does the tactical appeal of methodically studying then pulling off elaborate infiltration schemes and micro-heists.

You wouldn't know that from the launch trailer, which lays on the bloody cam-kill animations as the optionally female protagonist wreaks havoc on an array of malefactors, villains and thugs. Fear not: I assume that's just the marketing department voting up the hare over the tortoise. But not only do you not have to butcher anyone in Dishonored 2, you can also win a prize for not loosing any of your magic abilities.

Publisher Bethesda's PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game arrives this Friday, November 11.

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