By Jessie Van Amburg
November 9, 2016

Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the presidential race Tuesday. It’s a result that defied the odds and the most polling predictions.

And while there are many speculations over why Hillary Clinton lost the race, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow took time to call out third-party voters.

“Well, it is what it is. People go into this eyes wide-open,” Maddow said during MSNBC’s Election Night coverage. “If you vote for somebody who can’t win for president, it means that you don’t care who wins for president.”

In this election, Green party candidate Dr. Jill Stein won roughly 1% of the popular vote with 1.2 million votes and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party won 3% with just over four million votes. The last time a third-party candidate won any states was in the 1968 presidential race, and Ross Perot earned approximately 19% of the popular vote in the 1992 election. Stein and Johnson undoubtedly impacted last night’s results.

Both Clinton and Trump earned around 48% each of the popular vote in the 2016 election with Clinton edging out Trump with approximately 200,000 votes.

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