Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Re-Elected

Oct 29, 2016

Mariano Rajoy was elected to a second term as Spain's prime minister, ending 10 months of political deadlock.

The Spanish Parliament voted, 170-111, in Rajoy's favor with 68 abstentions. Rajoy, leader of the conservative Popular Party, will form a new minority government.

Hundreds of protestors against the Popular Party marched through Madrid during the vote with signs that said, "No To The Mafia Coup."

The vote by the Parliament came after two inconclusive national elections and nearly a year of stalemate.

Rajoy was rejected in the first confidence vote Thursday, in which he needed a majority in the Parliament. For the second vote, he needed just more votes in favor than against.

Rajoy will be sworn in before King Felipe VI on Sunday or Monday, the Associated Press reported. He is set to announce the members of his cabinet on Thursday.

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