Bottles of Yuengling beer are displayed in Philadelphia, on May 16, 2007.
Matt Rourkeā€”AP
By Tessa Berenson
October 28, 2016

When Yuengling owner Richard Yuengling Jr. told Eric Trump on Monday, “Our guys are behind your father,” he likely didn’t predict that he’d soon be facing local bars pulling his beers off tap in protest.

But outrage was swift, and Brian Sims, a Pennsylvania state representative from Philadelphia, quickly called on bars in Philadelphia’s “Gayborhood” to take Yuengling off tap, the New York Times reports. Two bars have agreed so far, and he says he’s going to expand his efforts.

“Everybody understands that the dollars that we now put into the marketplace have the potential to come back at us,” Sims, who is Pennsylvania’s first openly gay legislator, told the Times. “I want my dollars spent in a way that at the very least doesn’t hurt me, and hopefully supports me.”

A bar owner in Washington, D.C. posted a video of himself removing the his Yuengling beer tap, and liberal beer fans on Twitter have said they’d stop drinking the lager in protest.

Contacted by Forbes about the controversy, Yuengling said Hillary Clinton would also be welcome to take a tour of his brewery.



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