Jason Alden—Bloomberg/Getty Images
By Kastalia Medrano
July 6, 2016

Yahoo CEO and noted female person Marissa Mayer was reportedly left off the list for historically male-dominated Allen & Company’s Sun Valley tech conference, according to a guest list obtained by the New York Post. Mayer was invited last year, though she did not attend.

The snub might owe to the financial struggles Yahoo has endured this year; in recent weeks, the company has essentially been sold for parts, and Mayer is widely viewed as responsible for failing to keep it afloat. Last week, investors cast more votes against her seat than that of any other Yahoo board member.

The annual Allen & Company conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, is affectionately known as “summer camp for billionaires,” which as self-congratulatory monikers go is at least slightly less irritating than calling the White House Correspondent’s Dinner “nerd prom.” The retreat is essentially a heightened version of an exclusive golf-course meeting, regularly attended by all the Silicon Valley tech and media heavyweights—Zuckerberg, Musk, Murdoch, Bezos, and others have attended in the past.

According to reports, Warren Buffett, Lowell McAdam and Tim Armstrong of Verizon, and Dan Gilbert of Quicken will be among those in attendance at the five-day conference—and some of them may have an interest in bidding on Yahoo, the Post points out. Various celebrities and politicians such as Oprah and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are also in attendance at the panels, which began this morning.

Mayer did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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