A polling station sign is attached to railings next to a cemetery in Redcar as voters head to the polls to cast their vote on the EU Referendum on June 23, 2016 in Redcar, United Kingdom.
Ian Forsyth—Getty Images
By Tara John
June 24, 2016

Some Brexit voters are regretting their choice after U.K.’s momentous decision to leave the E.U. on Thursday, which caused the British pound to hit a 30-year low.

On the BBC, a Brexit voter introduced as Adam said that he was “shocked” that Britain voted to Leave. “I did not think that was going to happen, I didn’t think my vote was going to matter too much because I thought we were just going to remain,” he said, adding that the resignation of U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron has “blown me away,” resulting in a magnified “period of uncertainty.”

From Manchester Airport, another voter, Mandy, told ITV news that she is disappointed with her choice. “This morning I woke up and the reality did actually hit me, if I had the opportunity to vote again it would be to stay,” she told ITV.

Others took to Twitter to air their grievances

More than 30 million people voted, with 52% to 48% for Remain.


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