By Tessa Berenson
March 19, 2016

Three protesters were arrested Saturday for blocking the road near a Donald Trump rally in Arizona.

According to CNN, dozens of protesters parked vehicles sideways to block both lanes of traffic on the main roadway leading to Fountain Hills where Trump was set to hold his rally.

Sheriff’s Office Deputy Joaquin Enriquez told the network that three protesters were arrested for blocking traffic and two cars were towed to open the road.

Puente Arizona, a group that describes itself as a migrant justice organization, tweeted a video of protesters marching down the closed road before Trump’s event:

Others tweeted images of the protesters and signs:

The arrests and roadblock come as clashes between protesters and supporters at Trump rallies have escalated. Those clashes have led to one Trump backer in North Carolina being charged with assault for punching a protester, the cancellation of a Trump rally in Chicago over safety concerns, and the head of the Republican Party condemning the violence.

Trump did not mention the traffic snarl or arrests as he took the stage Saturday afternoon.

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