Watch The Simpsons Imagine a World Where the 2016 Candidates Get Along

Feb 21, 2016

The Simpsons mocked the spectacle that is the 2016 presidential election in a short clip that reimagines a world in which the candidates all get along.

The two-minute clip shows the crop of Republican and Democratic hopefuls dancing and singing along to James Taylor’s “How Sweet It Is” on stage. The dream sequence comes after Marge wakes up in a panic over the race and starts hyperventilating. “I can’t take it anymore!” she tells Homer. “Basic manners are gone from politics. What is it with these ding-dongs?”

Homer tries to calm her down by saying that the political situation is “just like when you have a bad dream, except this is real and will probably ruin your lives.” He advises her to “visualize another America,” one in which “Republicans and Democrats and Donald Trump all get along.”

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