Hillary Clinton Barked Like a Dog on the Campaign Trail

Feb 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton would like a barking dog to fact-check the Republican presidential candidates, so much so that she imitated the animal during a rally in Reno, Nevada on Monday.

It started when Clinton told the crowd about a favorite political radio ad from her days in Arkansas.

"The announcer said, 'Wouldn't it be great if somebody running for office said something, we could have an immediate reaction as to whether it was true or not? Well we've trained this dog and the dog, if it's not true, he's going to bark,'" the former Secretary of State said.

"I'm trying to figure out how we can do that with the Republicans, you know? We need to get that dog and follow them around and every time they say things, like, 'Oh, the great recession was caused by too much regulation—'" she said, before imitating a dog's bark. "I think we could cut right through a lot of their claims."

Clinton has turned her attention to campaigning in Nevada ahead of Saturday's Democratic caucuses in the state, where her opponent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has been closing in on her lead in the polls.

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