David Bowie's Mirror MINI Richard Newton—BMW

David Bowie Designed the Coolest MINI Cooper Ever

Jan 12, 2016

David Bowie, the genre-defying musical legend who died unexpectedly Sunday, had a long list of accomplishments from albums to acting roles. As it turns out, he was pretty great at designing ridiculously cool cars, too.

Back in 1999, London's Design Museum marked the 40th anniversary of the iconically British Mini with a celebrity design contest. Among the entrants was Bowie, who designed the above mirror-plated Mini. It's so perfectly easy to imagine The Thin White Duke rolling up to a concert in this, twisting and contorting to secure his escape.

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Vintage illustration of a futuristic 3-wheeled self-driving 'dream car,' 1961.GraphicaArtis—Getty Images
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Vintage illustration of a futuristic 3-wheeled self-driving 'dream car,' 1961.
GraphicaArtis—Getty Images
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