1985: Super Mario Bros. This is it, Nintendo luminary Shigeru Miyamoto's zany-looking masterpiece that launched a platforming revolution. It first appeared in Japanese and U.S. arcades in 1985, though Mario's debut was years earlier--in 1981's Donkey Kong, where he was known as "Jumpman."
By Alex Fitzpatrick and Arpita Aneja
September 10, 2015

The Nintendo classic Super Mario Bros., widely considered one of the best video games ever made — and certainly one of the most important — celebrates its 30th anniversary on September 13.

But what’s so special about a decades-old game revolving around an Italian plumber trying to save a lost princess? It’s all about history. When Super Mario Bros. came out, the video game industry was a wreck. But Mario helped save it — and it wasn’t even in another castle.

To find out more about Super Mario Bros., watch the video above.


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