By Nolan Feeney
May 13, 2015

It’s Wednesday, which means another Inside Amy Schumer clip skewering the ways pop culture treats women is making the rounds online. This time, instead of parodying music videos, Schumer is taking aim at celebrity interviews on late-night shows. And while guest-star Bill Hader’s character is far skeezier than the current crop of dudes with major late-night shows, Schumer’s character feels all too familiar.

The sketch pokes fun at a number of movie promotion rituals and late-night customs, like the way pre-planned anecdotes are passed off as spontaneous interactions. But if the gross-out ending is any indication, the clip is first and foremost an examination of the “cool girl” persona assigned to young actresses whose flashes of normalcy and geekiness are often treated like mold-breaking revelations by the very people who expect them to still be sex symbols.

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