Apple CEO Steve Jobs speaks during an Apple special event April 8, 2010 in Cupertino, California.
Justin Sullivan—Getty Images
By Alex Fitzpatrick
March 18, 2015

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a recent interview that late Apple chief Steve Jobs’ most significant contribution to the world was “the company and its culture.”

Cook’s comments came in a lengthy interview with Fast Company in which the Apple CEO spoke at length about Jobs’ legacy at the company, the upcoming Apple Watch and Apple’s future at large.

Via FastCo:

Steve’s greatest contribution and gift is the company and its culture. He cared deeply about that. He put in an enormous amount of time designing the concept for our new campus: That was a gift to the next generation. Apple University is another example of that. He wanted to use it to grow the next generation of leaders at Apple, and to make sure the lessons of the past weren’t forgotten.

Cook also said Jobs was “the best teacher I ever had by far.”

Read the rest of the Tim Cook interview at Fast Company.


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