By Eliza Berman
December 3, 2014

The stakes were high, But Chuck Jose agreed to the bet anyway. Maybe he got a little cocky with his fantasy football picks. Maybe he was secretly itching to dance. In the end, he lost the bet, but the world gained something in return: a video of Jose recreating the dance in Sia’s video for “Chandelier,” with all the emotional ferocity of the original.

He might not land the splits, but when this guy commits, he commits. He not only dons the costume worn by Maddie Ziegler in the video, but he mimics her moves with pathos and as much precision as he can muster. He truly looks like he’s finally where he’s meant to be.

Despite the shame of donning a leotard for the world to see, Jose summed up the experience in a tweet early this morning:

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