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Game of Thrones Geeks Spooked by Missing Character

Jul 26, 2014

HBO unveiled several new Game of Thrones cast members at Comic-Con on Friday, but fans of the hit adaptation of George R. R. Martin's book series are already upset about the exclusion of one character.

In the books, Arianne Martell is the heiress to the capital city of Dorne, a kingdom in the Game of Thrones universe that's set to be an important location in the upcoming fifth season of the wildly popular HBO series. But while other members of Arianne's family have been cast, including father Doran Martell (played by Alexander Siddig) and brother Trystane Martell (Toby Sebastian), Arianne herself hasn't made the jump to television.

It's possible Arianne could appear in future seasons, but as Kotaku notes, the official character bio of Trystane describes him as the heir to Dorne, while Ariane's love interest, Aerys Oakheart, has also not been cast. The exclusion comes as a surprise to fans, not just because Arianne is a major player in the fantasy novels' numerous plot twists, but also because she was a strong, complex female character in a fictional universe that doesn't have too many of those.

Oh man, super excited to see all these new characters for Game of Thrones season 5. Except, where is Arianne...?

— Jesicka Sandsnake (@JesickaChaos) July 26, 2014

You take away our Stoneheart and then our Arianne? Do strong female characters mean nothing to you?

— lulu♚ (@_bxnnibel) July 26, 2014


— Kristina (@ShellLoveStiles) July 26, 2014

Hey #gameofthrones fans, want to start a campaign protesting the appalling omission of Arianne Martell? #WeAreArianne

— Michal (@inkasrain) July 26, 2014

Everyone is saying that they are cutting out arianne but they still have loads of time to cast people and there are more roles than her

— Tyrion Lannister (@TyrionLan_) July 25, 2014

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