Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Case
Lori Windham (center), senior counsel for The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, addresses the news media in front of the Supreme Court after the decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores June 30 in Washington, DC.  Chip Somodevilla—Getty Images

#ReligiousFreedom v. #NotMyBossBusiness: SCOTUS Contraception Ruling Ignites Hashtag War

Jun 30, 2014

The Supreme Court Monday decided in favor of the arts-and-crafts chain Hobby Lobby, ruling that "closely held corporations" could refuse to cover employee contraception methods on religious grounds. And the Twitterverse had some thoughts on that. (For a fuller explanation on the ruling and its implications, see my colleague Kate Pickert's piece.)

In true Twitter showdown fashion, the decision set off a "hashtag battle" between #religiousfreedom and #notmybossbusiness. Conservative politicians and court observers alike used the former to applaud the five justices who made the majority decision labeling it a victory for religious freedom. They also preemptively called out any attempts from the left, specifically Obama, to interfere with the Court's ruling. Meanwhile, more liberal members of Congress as well as abortion rights groups used the hashtag #notmybossbusiness to flood the social network with responses of disappointment or shock and demand legislative action to cover all forms of contraception.

A selection of both sides—from Paul Ryan to Planned Parenthood—is below:

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