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Helicopter in Fiery Crash Near Seattle Space Needle

At least two people were killed and another injured after a KOMO-TV news helicopter crashed into several cars parked near Seattle's famous Space Needle, causing the vehicles to explode

At least two people are dead after a Seattle news helicopter crashed in a burning wreck just steps from the city’s iconic Space Needle.

The crash, which also struck at least two vehicles, occurred Tuesday morning on Seattle’s Broad Street, near the office of local news station KOMO-TV, which operated the news helicopter. The Seattle Fire Department confirmed two people were killed at the site of the crash, both of whom were on board the helicopter. KOMO identified the deceased as longtime KOMO News photographer Bill Strothman and pilot Gary Pfitzner.

KOMO-TV reporter Kelly Koopmans reports a witness said one person on fire was seen crawling out of a car.

Emergency crews immediately rushed to the scene.

Witnesses snapped photographs of the wreckage in flames, emitting a plume of black smoke, and later smoldering.


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