Cantor Spent More on Steakhouses Than The Guy Who Beat Him Spent on His Whole Campaign

That's a lot of steak

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his Republican primary Tuesday despite outspending his opponent Dave Brat’s entire campaign on steakhouses alone.

Cantor’s campaign spent over $168,000 on steakhouses for where it held fundraisers, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, while Brat’s campaign spent just $122,700 total.

Cantor, whose unexpected loss shocked Washington, spent over $5 million during the campaign—meaning the 28,898 votes Cantor won Tuesday cost him $173.94 apiece. The 36,110 votes Brat received to secure his 11-point victory cost him only $3.40 each.

Eric Cantor and Dave Brat Campaign Spending
Source: Center for Responsive Politics
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