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G.R.L. Give the Ultimate Kiss-Off in “Ugly Heart”: Listen

RCA Records

The rising girl group go for the jugular with a stampeding new single

Initially cobbled together to replenish the ranks of burlesque impresario Robin Antin’s Pussycat Dolls, the women of G.R.L. had enough talent and panache to convince Antin they merited existence as a brand new group, making their debut as part of The Smurfs 2’s soundtrack with the bubbling dance-pop of “Vacation.” Now preparing their debut album with a all-star team of producers — Dr. Luke, Cirkut, Max Martin and Darkchild, among others — the group has pivoted into moonlit, guitar-oriented pop for their new track, sneering kiss-off “Ugly Heart.”

The song’s packed with undeniable Dr. Luke flourishes, the kind he’s used to build a fortified pop kingdom, but is rendered even more vital by the chemistry G.R.L.’s members share: just a few singles into their career, their work is ringing with the sort of camaraderie it takes lesser groups entire albums to build. Jerks come and go, but friends like this stick around forever.

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