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Watch Comet 209P/LINEAR On This Livestream

Tonight's fly by will be the 9th closest comet ever observed from earth

In astronomical terms, Comet 209P/LINEAR is a pretty frequent visitor to earth, swinging by every 5 years or so, but that’s still five years you’ll have to wait till this beauty of a comet stops by again. It won’t be bright enough to see with the naked eye but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here you can watch a livestream of the comet’s path from a powerful telescope on the Canary Islands supported online by the Slooh celestial observation network and hosted by NASA scientist Dr. Peter Jenniskens.

Comet 209P/LINEAR is also expected to create a magnificent meteor shower called the Camelopardalids, which, if you’re deskbound, just lazy or otherwise indisposed to go outside you can watch a livestream of here.




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