By Alexandra Mondalek
November 10, 2016

The world watched in shock this week as Donald Trump unexpectedly beat Hillary Clinton to win the presidency. Jarring, too, were the results in Congress, as Republicans kept the House of Representatives and won most competitive Senate races.

Those dissatisfied with the outcome of Tuesday’s election protested across the country, while others shared their grief (or relief) on social media.

You or someone you know may be worried that the progressive strides President Obama worked for while in office could be reversed under a GOP-controlled Congress and Trump administration. That includes reversing Obama’s signature health care law, overturning Roe v. Wade, and forgoing gains in closing the gender gap.

Retail therapy might help you cope. These gifts are uniquely tailored to evoke your feminist sensitivities and embolden the disheartened voter, all for under $30.


Rage Against the Wage Gap Sweater

While Trump voters may have raged against the machine of a “rigged system,” you can rage against the wage gap. Reminder: Women still make $0.77 on the dollar, a rate that is smaller yet if you’re a woman of color.

Sweater:, $28

T-shirt: Amazon, $16.97

Boss Babes: A Coloring and Activity Book for Grown-Ups

Adult coloring books are a known source of stress relief, so it makes sense to gift a distressed friend a feminism-themed workbook celebrating “Beyoncé, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Malala, & other badass ladies.” The book comes complete with word searches, mazes, and ‘Write Your Own 30 Rock Episode’ activities.

Amazon, $10.95

We Should All Be Feminists

Novelist and MacArthur Genius Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie offers her take on feminism based on principles of inclusion and awareness—something the country is in desperate need of, it seems, after such a divisive election. The book is a No. 1 best seller on Amazon and in 2015 was given to every 16-year-old student in Sweden.

Amazon, $7.95

Ann Friedman Newsletter

A subscription to Ann Friedman’s weekly roundup of the best takes on gender, media, tech, and culture is perfect for the newsletter junky in your life. Friedman, a columnist for New York mag and co-host of the Call Your Girlfriend podcast, seamlessly weaves humor into thought-provoking topics, making them easier to digest. Oh, and her pie charts rock. #LadySwaggerInc., $5

A Woman's Place T-Shirt

A woman may not be in the Oval Office, but this aspirational shirt is a reminder that women will get there one day. The tee also serves as a reminder that while Clinton may not have won, you can celebrate the women making strides elsewhere in government: veteran Tammy Duckworth, Somali-American refugee Ilhan Omar, and the first openly LGBT governor, Kate Brown, were all elected this year.

Amazon, $14.97

Uterus Plush Figure

Women’s heath issues are at the forefront of gender politics: the debate over the abortions, availability of birth control, and more continue to divide liberals and conservatives. But this quirky gift serves as a reminder to love your uterus!—regardless of your politics.

Amazon, $21.99

Never Alone Video Game

If this election cycle has felt like an alternate reality, take a break from it by playing in an actual alternative universe. This game, which Yahoo Style says you need to play now, features a female protagonist while celebrating indigenous people. It’s a puzzle game, and leaves players “feeling educated and entertained.”, $4.99

RBG Coffee Mug

Under President Trump, a new Supreme Court justice will be appointed who will undoubtedly help shape the future of the country. Even if that thought makes you nervous (or excited!) celebrate our existing bad ass justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg a.k.a. the Notorious RBG, with this “I Dissent” coffee mug.

CafePress, $7.95


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