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6 Best Buys for the Fall

Take a look at these deals.

It’s fall. You survived back-to-school shopping with the kids a few weeks ago. Now you’re stocking up on Halloween candy, costumes, and decorations. And you’re bracing yourself for the annual holiday spending festival looming next month.

That’s a lot of shopping. So no one would blame you if you’re not in the mood to head to the mall or the car dealership or online shopping destination at the moment. But there are a few items whose prices drop along with the temperatures each year — and you might want to take advantage of this relatively slow spending moment.

Check out these items, both big ticket and small, and make some plans to open your wallet.

  • Cars

    courtesy Hyundai 2016 Hyundai Genesis

    Not only is this the time of year when many dealers discount old inventory to make room for the new models, but given the sense that auto sales are plateauing and won’t top last year’s record, the incentives—from 0% financing to cash-back rebates and bonus cash—are particularly alluring, says Matt Jones, senior editor,, an online resource for car buyers.

    How about a green car? With gas prices at record lows (and heading lower: Patrick DeHaan, a senior analyst with, is forecasting that the national average will dip below $2/gallon by Halloween), consumers are gravitating more toward trucks and SUVs, says Jones. That’s putting a damper on sales of hybrid, plug-in, and electric vehicles. As a result, “you might be able to get a car like the Nissan Leaf for a song.”

    Jones suggests deal hunters also “take a strong look” at leftover 2016 models that are either being redesigned, rebranded, or replaced for 2017. Those include the 2016 Hyundai Genesis Sedan, the 2016 Cadillac SRX, and the 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan.

    Keep your options open. “Before fixating or committing to one particular car, ask your salesperson about special crazy deals beyond what your research shows because they’re out there, and they may be on vehicles you hadn’t even considered,” says Jones.

  • Grills and patio furniture

    Burke/Triolo Productions—Getty Images

    Since the weather is still nice enough to grill and socialize outdoors in many parts of the country, demand for these seasonal items tends to linger. But as soon as it starts getting colder (and retailers start bringing in the snow blowers and other winter products), prices drop – and they go down quickly, says Howard Schaffer, general manager at, a coupon and deal site.

    We’re talking 60-70% off on grills and patio furniture, says Schaffer, “and if you go to the store where it’s assembled and buy it off the floor, you may get an additional discount if you find the right salesperson.”


  • Summer sporting goods

    Lucky Business—Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Want a new bike? Running sneakers need to be replaced? How about a set of golf clubs? Tennis racket? Buy now, says Schaffer. “You’ll save 30%-50%, for sure, on summer sporting goods, and maybe even up to 70%–even at the big stores.”

    After all, this is the time of year when “exercise moves inside and becomes more of a ‘gym thing’ and fashion moves on from its cycle,” says Schaffer.

  • Camping gear

    Jordan Siemens—Getty Images

    “Expect discounts of 60%-70% during end-of-clearance sales, on everything from tents to sleeping bags and cooking gear, at places like Camping World and Cabela’s,” says Schaffer.

    If you’re an REI member, be sure to shop its ‘Garage Sales,’ where you’ll find great deals on virtually new items, returns, and more. “The prices can’t be beat for the brands that are available at these sales,” says Schaffer. “You’ll save 50%, if not more.”

  • Denim

    Solovyova—Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Didn’t get those jeans you had your eye on recently? You’re in luck, says Sara Skirboll, Shopping and Trends Expert at, a digital savings website. “Any denim that didn’t sell during the back-to-school period is marked down 20% to 50%, with premium denim averaging 28% off. Retailers need to move any excess inventory off the floor to make room for the holidays.”

  • Makeup & hair products

    Wilfried Krecichwost—Getty Images

    “You’ll find some of the deepest discounts on makeup and hair products and accessories right before Thanksgiving,” says Skirboll. “The third week of October is historically the best week of the month for deals and the 4th week of November is the best week of the entire year because this is when the holiday promotions start.”

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