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Here’s How Much Money Ted Cruz Spent During Election 2016

Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz Holds Indiana Campaign Events
Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images Ex-presidential candidate Ted Cruz at an event in Indiana.

Five candidates have each spent over $100 million.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz announced he was dropping out of the race Tuesday, and while he didn’t reach Jeb Bush-levels of campaign expenditures, the ex-candidate did rack up quite a big bill during his campaign.

Cruz spent over $100 million by the end of April, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, and raised almost $150 million. Add Cruz’s spending to the rest of the field of failed Republican presidential campaigns, and the total is well over $500 million.

Of those left in the race, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has raised and spent the most money, at $256.4 million and $182.9 million, respectively. She’s followed by fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders, who has spent $165.3 million, and raised $182.8 million. Five candidates have spent over nine figures this election season.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump has raised “just” $51.2 million and spent $49.5 million, or about a quarter of what Clinton has spent. John Kasich has raised $29.2 million and spent $33.5 million.

Here’s a running tally of how much the failed candidates raised and spent during their runs for the presidency:

Candidate Amount Raised Amount Spent
Jeb Bush $155,142,617 $137,803,892
Ted Cruz $141,868,484 $112,064,426
Marco Rubio $116,770,328 $111,272,423
Ben Carson $79,789,490 $77,019,991
Scott Walker $32,379,896 $32,289,755
Chris Christie $31,933,709 $31,261,699
Carly Fiorina $26,337,294 $24,199,172
Rand Paul $22,983,566 $20,696,638
Rick Perry $16,658,201 $17,123,521
Mike Huckabee $10,157,837 $10,331,901
Lindsey Graham $9,928,568 $9,687,320
Martin O’Malley $6,765,091 $7,122,191
Bobby Jindal $5,959,671 $5,960,374
George Pataki $1,548,783 $1,557,414
Rick Santorum $2,076,134 $2,498,003
Jim Webb $803,805 $773,736
Jim Gilmore ~$725,700 ~$751,900

Grand Total of Drop-Out Money Spent: $583,787,356

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