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Bill Gates Is Once Again the Richest Person in the World

Bill Gates, the co-Founder of the Microsoft company and co-Founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation arrives at the Elysee Palace for a meeting with French President Francois Hollande on June 25, 2015, in Paris, France.
Chesnot—Getty Images Bill Gates

Trump didn't crack the top 50.

A fresh list of the wealthiest people in the world is out, and is it any surprise who claimed the number one spot? Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder and one the richest people in human history, once again comes out on top, with a net worth of $87.4 billion.

Wealth-X, a wealth-tracking website, provided Business Insider with its newest figures on the assets of the ultra-rich. Wealth-X collects information on more than 110,000 ultra-high-net-worth people, according to BI, tracking each person’s assets and adjusting “to account for currency-exchange rates, local taxes, savings rates, investment performance, and other factors.”

Gates crushes the second place finisher, Spain’s Amancio Ortega, by more than $20 billion. Ortega, founding chairman of clothing retailer Inditex, is pegged at a net worth of $66.8 billion (though forgive us for not feeling more sympathetic).

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Other notable placements on the list? Potential presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg ranks as the ninth wealthiest person on earth, with a net worth north of $42 billion. Fellow political billionaire Donald Trump doesn’t make the list (sorry, Donald). Alice Walton, Walmart heiress, is the wealthiest woman, ranking #15 overall with a net worth of $33.2 billion.

L’Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt is the next woman on the list, sitting just below Walton at #17 with a net worth of $29 billion. The only other woman to crack the top 50 is Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of the late Steve Jobs, tied at 47th with $14.4 billion to her name.

The 10 Richest People in the World

Name Net Worth
Bill Gates $87.4 billion
Amancio Ortega $66.8 Billion
Warren Buffett $60.7 Billion
Jeff Bezos $56.6 Billion
David Koch $47.4 Billion
Charles Koch $46.8 Billion
Larry Ellison $45.3 Billion
Mark Zuckerberg $42.8 Billion
Michael Bloomberg $42.1 Billion
Ingvar Kamprad $39.3 Billion

To make the list, you’d have to have a net worth of at least $14.3 billion. Better luck next year. And don’t miss MONEY’s ranking of the richest people of all time (Gates barely makes the list).

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