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Updated: Jun 19, 2014 1:58 PM UTC | Originally published: Jun 18, 2014

Have you bought a home in the last month? Or are you about to close on a purchase? MONEY wants to help tell your home buying story while offering relevant, real-life advice to all the other buyers out there.

See examples here:
'At 27, I'm the First of My Friends to Own a Home'
'I Have $1M in Investments and I Couldn't Get a Mortgage'

We’re looking for buyers of all stripes and in all towns, whether your search took a day or a year. We hope to highlight situations that can be useful to other people planning to buy a home — hunting tactics, negotiating challenges, and mortgage nightmares overcome (or not).

Got a story to tell? Fill out the confidential form below. (We won't use your story unless we speak with you first.)

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