How do you reach $1 million? Tell MONEY

Are you a millionaire in the making — or already a millionaire? What moves have you made recently to get you closer to amassing at least $1 million in net worth? MONEY magazine wants to know.

In an upcoming story, MONEY will highlight key moves that readers can make to improve their chances of becoming millionaires. We realize that people are attempting to reach this goal through a variety of means. So as part of this article, we want to hear from folks who are attempting to reach the $1 million mark by directing their investments better, managing their careers more wisely, investing in real estate, running a small business, or simply being an extreme saver.

We’d love to include your experience, strategies, and wisdom to supplement the strategies we’re covering in our pages. For instance, if you’re an entrepreneur, what steps have you taken lately to get your small business to the next level? If you’re a property owner, what are some of the smart moves you’ve made to expand your portfolio of properties without becoming over-leveraged? If you’re an investor, how have you been tweaking your portfolio strategy lately? And if you’re a worker, what steps have you taken in the past to advance at work and boost your salary?

Please tell us your story in the
form below. Include your age, your occupation, your location, how far along you are in your quest to become a millionaire, and what strategies you’re undertaking. The more detail you can provide, the better. Because we will have to get in touch with you and get your permission to include you in our article, please be sure to supply your contact information.

Participants and their families would be photographed for the article; subjects would also have to be willing to have some information about their finances published in the magazine.


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