More Money Monday Roundup: Nine-Cent Nickels & Paid Paternity Leave

Personal finance from around the Web:

  • No more being pennied and nickeled: President Obama’s 2011 budget, released Monday, points out that it costs the government 1.8 cents to make each penny and nine cents to manufacture a five-cent coin. The administration proposes fiddling with the composition and weight of US coins to save money. [Infectious Greed]
  • Young adults — the type of people that Burger King calls its “super fans” — have cut their visits to fast-food restaurants by 30% since 2006. Blame the recession and health concerns. [The Wall Street Journal via It's Your Money]
  • Numbers from the Institute of Supply Management suggest a boost in factory activity, sending crude oil and gold higher. Unfortunately, other numbers, such as weak construction spending, indicate the economic recovery remains fragile. According to a separate Commerce Department study, consumer spending is also on the rise, along with income and saving. [MarketWatch | The Washington Post | Money & Company]
  • Under new British law, new dads will be eligible for paid paternity leave starting April 2011, enabling them to take the place of a female partner returning to work. The legislation would provide up to £123 per week, or about $200. [The Guardian via Bucks]
  • Consider these four factors before converting your Roth IRA. [Bargaineering]

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