Don’t miss Great Depression documentary tonight

A year ago, if my channel surfing habits had led me to a documentary about the Great Depression, I probably would have kept my finger on the clicker. At that point it seemed no one knew for sure if our country was heading into another depression. I’m not sure I could have forced myself to watch what could have been a glimpse into how miserable life may be over the next year — or even a whole decade. Talk about a downer. (Sure enough, moviegoers flocked to comedies during those months of doom and gloom.)

Yet twelve months later, perhaps armed with a new confidence that our economy is crawling back to safety, viewers have another opportunity to gain a better understanding of the events that unfolded during the Depression. Tonight PBS kicks off the first of a five-part documentary series The 1930s. The show this evening focuses on the 1929 crash. Executive producer Mark Samels told USA Today that learning about this time period in our country will help viewers understand the current financial crisis, as well as the recovery process.

Tune in tonight, 9PM on most PBS stations, for a little insight. No Prozac necessary. Click here to learn more about the show.

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