Ariana Grande

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Through just about the craziest storms and whirlwinds I can imagine, Ariana Grande remains the most real person I’ve met. I’ve always thought the world is privy to actual, genuine emotion—be it heartbreak, empathy, generosity, resilience, strength—and I believe that’s exactly why the world keeps falling deeper in love with Ariana. Wearing her heart on her sleeve and in her work, she oozes those emotions in abundance. Armed with a full comprehension of how the world consumes music today, she is an industry game changer. Having released not one but two critically acclaimed, record-breaking albums just a few months apart—the latter, Thank U, Next, was written in just a few weeks—Ari is breaking the rules and is a force who understands how music should work in 2019. Her love of her fans and of music guide her every move. But my favorite moments with Ari are the quieter ones. When I, like so many, have been inspired by that resilience, love, care and heart in someone I’m lucky to call my friend.

Now she’s the biggest artist in the world, and that’s kind of a no-brainer to me. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Sivan is an award-winning singer-songwriter

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