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Television: Coke Choke

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“During this festive winter season,” TV Announcer Henri Bergeron told Montrealers, with a pause-that-refreshes smile, “Drink good Coca-Cola. Why don’t you share one with me now?” Bergeron, the town’s top announcer, toasted his vast audience, took a long, deep draught from the glass, choked. He gasped. He coughed. Finally he managed to rasp: “If you want it in quantity, here’s the large economy bottle.”

Montreal viewers were delighted, bombarded the station with scores of phone calls. Sample: “I’ve been watching that live commercial for months just waiting for something like that to happen. It was a rare moment.” Perhaps too rare for Bergeron, who was worried about his sponsor. Said he: “I only hope the Coca-Cola people find it as funny.”

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