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Helllooo parents,

We at TIME are moving offices today. This means a lot of tidying up, or throwing away, of figuring out what to keep of your past and what to jettison. I found an old wooden block necklace a child made while I was young, with mom and her name and hearts. I felt like wearing it and tagging her on Instagram for mortification purposes. I also found a note: "MY MOM IS GREAT AT HER JOB!!!" which I used to have taped to my office wall, back when officers were a thing, for affirmation purposes. My career has seen me move from a desk to an office to a bigger office and then all the way back down to ever smaller desks. Parenting is just like that. You constantly have to figure out what you really want to keep in your life, because you start with such high hopes and intentions for your child and slowly whittle them down as you realize they will probably not be proficient in Chinese and flute AND baseball. In the end, they are humans not shelves; they get some say in what talents they hold and skills they display. Because of the moving and because of the importance of the story, I have kept the newsletter to just a few stories this week, in the hope you'll find time to read them all. Belinda.Luscombe@time.com or @luscombeland on twitter.

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For the last few months, my colleague Katie Reilly and I (although Katie did the hard yards) have been working on a project about the childcare crisis. It's a combination of story and gallery of photographs, which will go in a real gallery early next year. It looks at the impossible math of childcare, with which I am sure everyone reading is somewhat familiar: parents can't afford to get childcare. Childcare centers can't afford to pay their workers. And childcare workers can't afford to do the job. I urge you to check it out. TIME

Also as part of that story, TIME's data engineers put together a quiz, so you can compare your childcare costs to the rest of the country. It's pretty eye opening. Check it out here. TIME


Last month, TIME published a special issue dedicated to climate action. This month, TIME for Kids has their take on the topic. The October 18 issue is focused on people who are working to protect the planet's future. For budding activists, we recommend the web exclusive "Youth in Action," which features interviews with nine amazing teens at the U.N. Youth Climate Summit. TimeForKids

Since the theme of this newsletter is one of paring down to essentials, here's a great essay from TIME's parenting vault on how to help kids get rid of their stuff too. TIME

PFFT: Parenting from Famous Types

Lin Manuel Miranda, composer, rapper, philanthropist and parent of two

"My little chaos agent has been leaving apple slices all over the apartment so he always has a snack.“

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