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Hello all children-herders

This week, there landed upon my desk no fewer than three new books about parenting. Sometimes it seems like it not only takes a village to raise a child, but also an entire library. There is absolutely nothing wrong with books about parenting (says the woman who sometimes writes about parenting for a living), but it's also fine to believe in yourself and your ability to love and shepherd your child. I'm mostly here to cheer you on, offer some sympathy and perhaps a little random pointer here and there, should such a thing be needed. None of us is perfect, but I assure you, after many years writing about this stuff, you are better at childrearing than you think. This summer, especially when I'm not working, I'm trying to enjoy my children: the way they have so many (to me, terrible) opinions, the way not very important (to me) things seem huge to them, their small (to me) obsessions, the way they see the world, and the fact they can sleep like there's no tomorrow--and definitely no bedroom to tidy. I hope you can join me in this quest.

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Hoo boy. Imagine being this mother: You've sent your kid off to Sweden to spend summer with his grandparents. Instead he texts you that his plane is about to take off for Germany. You can't raise the airline on the phone.  What are you going to do? Take to Twitter, apparently. Now there's some parental stress right there. Also, I know! So many questions. TIME

Instagram is (a) a lovely way to look at pretty photos, (b) a good way to connect with friends and family and (c) an incredibly potent weapon in the hands of those who want to make others feel small. The social media website is launching a war on bullying using artificial intelligence, and let TIME inside its plans. If you have a tween or teen, this is really useful information to keep up with. TIME

O.K., this is super wonky, but it's also on the subject of bullying. A new study has found that kids whose parents make fun of them are more likely to pass that behavior along to other kids.  I'm someone who has admitted to making the occasional joke at my child's expense, and I hope I haven't ruined them. Don't be like me. (Save your jokes about them for when they're not around....ha!) Journal of Youth Adolescence

The Women's World Cup captivated the imagination of future soccer stars everywhere. If your kids are eager for more content—whether it's about the team, the tournament, or why people in the stands at Lyon were chanting "Equal Pay" after the win—take a look at these kid-approved Time For Kids articles:
- On the big win: TFK
- On the equal-pay lawsuit: TFK
- On fan-favorite Alex Morgan: TFK

This newsletter is not a big fan of RPA (Random Parental Anxiety), or anything that causes it. That said, it's also good to know about the latest health science, including this study that suggests there MAY be some link between maternal exposure to paint fumes and autism. TIME

What would a parenting newsletter be, if it didn't keep its readers abreast of the latest parenting memes? It would be derelict in its duty, that's what. So, here you go. This one involves a child, a fish, and some biting. Please enjoy a summer classic. TIME

PFFT: Parenting from Famous Types

Seth Meyers, talk show host  and parent of two,

"When I leave for work in the morning, my son gives me a running hug. So I walk out the door and even though I have this whole wonderful day ahead of me, I know for a fact that I've already had the best part of my day."

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