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Hi folks who are folks, If we were to design a pre-marital test for whether two people should get together to form a family, it would definitely involve them having to leave for an imminent and long journey to a different climate, with teenagers and/or toddlers. They would negotiate the appropriate amount of luggage, the appropriate time to depart for the airport/to the train station/in the car, and the appropriate state in which the family domicile should be left, all while trying to wrangle younger humans to do the same, and wrapping up the remaining work duties. This is more or less what I'm doing right now. (In related news Time For Kids will be taking over this newsletter for a few weeks. Can't wait to see what they do!) Pressure is inevitable when you're a parent. What's not inevitable is letting it fuel your fights. So far I've only snapped at the people who are awake, so I'm doing well. It's much less of a problem to forget your toothbrush than to forget to laugh. I welcome your thoughts and travel prep trips! I'm at or @luscombeland on Twitter. P.S. If you like this newsletter, please pass it on to a friend. And if you got it from a friend, sign up here for email delivery each Friday. You know, more or less.

Speaking of stress, are you, or a woman you love, having trouble sleeping, because of the many things you need to get done? You are not alone. "Middle age is different for Gen X women than it was for our mothers and grandmothers. They struggled with midlife stressors and hormone-related sleep trouble, too, but in their 40s, they were most likely empty-nesters, holding down a less-than-full-time job, if they worked outside the home at all."  Ada Calhoun's essay, an excerpt from the hot new book Why We Can't Sleep, examines the unique pressure Gen X mothers are under. TIME

My colleagues over at TIME for Kids have started a newsletter of their own, specifically for teachers. If you're an educator—or perhaps just a parent interested in receiving weekly kid-friendly stories and teaching resources—you can sign up here.

Seattle has stopped playing nice with parents who don't vaccinate their kids. As of Wednesday, about 750 children were not allowed to go back to school because they lacked up to date vaccination records. It will be interesting to see if this leads more widespread compliance—or more homeschooling. TIME

Journalist Peggy Orenstein, who hitherto has reported on the sexual and other experiences of young women, has shifted her gaze to young men. Having interviewed young men between the ages of 16 and 22 about their perspectives on hooking up, using porn and seeking consent, she has both good and bad news. TIME

It would be remiss of me to write so much about anxiety and not draw your attention to this excellent column on how to manage anxiety in kids. It's from a few years back, but the anxiety levels in kids, alas, have not improved. First tip: don't tell them everything will be ok. TIME

One dad's stunned but elated reaction to his child's acceptance into a certain college—a response so many parents can relate to—took over the meme-a-verse this week, as people began to adapt the dad's repetition of the phrase 'There's no way' for their own nefarious/exuberant purposes. Please enjoy this post, and do not be alarmed by all the TikTok.  TIME
PFFT: Parenting from Famous Types

Ryan Reynolds, actor and parent of three on flying with kids

"At 2 years old they just have to rip all their clothes off and introduce themselves to everyone on the plane; it’s just like, ‘Please can we land in a farmer’s field?’” 

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