Jeff Bezos

by Jamie Dimon
Kyle Johnson—The New York Times/Redux

It seems everyone’s talking “disruption” today, especially in corporate America, where it basically describes individuals and companies challenging conventional ideas to reshape various sectors of the economy. Disruption, however, is only a by-product of a successful and sustainable approach to doing business.

From the outset, the key to Jeff Bezos’ success has been his intense and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction and on his audience: the end user. He refined and perfected this model in books, and then scaled and expanded it while always keeping consumers front and center, often anticipating their needs before they realized them.

For most of us, transforming the retail industry would be a pretty satisfying accomplishment. But Jeff’s relentless attention to consumers is not defined by any boundaries. As Amazon has grown and Jeff has set his sights on media, entertainment, fresh produce (!), space travel and recently (in a joint effort with us) health care, among other areas, he has never lost sight of the millions of people he is serving. And that is how you win in American business and raise the standards of what customers come to expect.

Dimon is the CEO of JPMorgan Chase

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