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David Hockney

By Edwin Becker
Painter David Hockney
Spencer Lowell—Trunk Archive

After moving to California in the mid-1960s, David Hockney became one of the best-known representatives of Pop art. Hockney’s pool paintings—one of which recently sold at auction for $90 million, a record for a work by a living artist—and his portraits, with their sharp style, reveal his interest in transforming the three-dimensional space into a unique blend of flat planes, color contrasts and outlines. His striking landscapes are a vivid feast for the eyes.

Hockney has always been inspired by a broad selection of well-known artists, and now, for the first time, his work is being displayed parallel to that of one of his muses, Vincent van Gogh, in a retrospective at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

But Hockney’s work has moved into the 21st century, as he experiments with video and tablets. His innovative approaches add a unique sense of spontaneity to his fascinating works.

Hockney tirelessly seeks fresh perspectives, while staying true to his love of daring colors, striking compositions and original series, often with a sense of humor. He is considered to be a leading modern-day artist, and his work is always warmly received. An artist alive with energy, David Hockney is sure to continue to find and develop new ways of expression. His art encourages us to take a joyful and panoramic perspective of the world.

Becker is head of exhibitions at the Van Gogh Museum