Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose TIME 100
Illustration by Michael Hoeweler for TIME

The broadcast journalist who disarms the powerful

Over the years, political commentary on television — from both the left and the right — has grown more and more shrill. Both sides talk past each other in an endless repetition of poll-tested sound bites. And that’s why Charlie Rose matters more than ever.

Charlie’s long-form interviews are substantive, thoughtful and probing. It’s conversation the way we experience it with good friends and family. We reflect. We open up. We talk about issues that matter.

Charlie’s interviews allow us to sit in on those kinds of conversations with the most interesting people in the world. And that allows us to hear an honesty that is too often missing from the public discourse.

As someone who has sat across the table from Charlie on a few occasions, I can tell you: He’s the most disarming man in America. And as a result, he’s one of the most important and influential people in journalism.

Bloomberg is the former mayor of New York City

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