Robin Wright

Robin Wright TIME 100
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The actress who beams a light on Washington's dark corners

Robin Wright is a woman who can check all the boxes. Anyone who has seen her in House of Cards knows how she is able to take her talents — deep thought, beauty, raw truth — and incorporate all of them onscreen. My experience of Robin evolved, from watching her in The Princess Bride and Forrest Gump, then meeting her and finally collaborating with her, each time the impression becoming greater. I remember her fragility and depth in early performances. She was mesmerizing. In person, I was struck by how bright and bold she was — girlish and delicate but also full of spunk and fire. When I worked with her on the film Adore, I was left with my eyes popping and jaw slack. I found myself rendered speechless, searching for my dialogue — because I literally forgot I was on a movie set. Her process was invisible yet so present. Her wild intensity beams extraordinary light — it bleeds into every actor she works with and audience member who watches her.

Watts is an Academy Award–nominated actor

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