Sean MacFarland

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Khalid Mohammed—AP

Taking the fight to ISIS

Through 15 years of war, our nation has been blessed with leaders who stepped forward—leaders like David Petraeus, Stanley McChrystal, James Mattis and Ray Odierno. Sean MacFarland belongs in such distinguished company.

I first met then Colonel MacFarland in Ramadi in December 2006. Iraq was in the grip of a seemingly intractable sectarian conflict. But MacFarland had the courage to adapt and innovate. His support of the Anbar Awakening was the model for the successful surge strategy that broke the back of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

I can think of no better commander than MacFarland to lead U.S. and coalition forces in destroying the Islamic State. I have had my disagreements with the President’s strategy. But as a witness to his leadership, I remain confident that if our war fighters are given the resources, authority and support they need, they can turn the tide of history once again.

McCain is the senior U.S. Senator from Arizona

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