Karlie Kloss

time 100 2016 karlie kloss
Peter Hapak for TIME

The model millennial

Karlie Kloss is the epitome of the ideal American millennial woman. Since being discovered at 13, she has become a major model and a 34-time Vogue cover girl. I’ve worked with her on many campaigns, as I love her personality and the fact that she is her own woman. In spite of becoming financially independent at a very young age, Karlie continues to study and improve herself while remaining very close to her family in St. Louis.

Passionate and fearless, Karlie has also become a full-fledged entrepreneur: she shares her stories and others’ on her YouTube channel Klossy. She collaborated with Warby Parker to benefit Edible Schoolyard NYC. She supports young women learning to code, all while continuing her long-standing partnership with Momofuku Milk Bar to benefit Feed and the Council of Fashion Designers of America. As a model, a businesswoman, a young philanthropist and a force on social media, she doesn’t just connect with her generation—she leads it, inspiring young women around the world to become the women they want to be, just as she has done so beautifully.

Von Furstenberg is a fashion designer and chair of the CFDA
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