Top 10 Toys

  • Ruby Rails Skydive Action Figure

    Goldie Blox

    The latest installment in the GoldieBlox series—toys designed to encourage girls’ interest in engineering—is action figure Ruby Rails. Dispatching with the damsel in distress trope, Ruby (named after the programming language) uses engineering basics to build her own parachute.

  • Girl Scout Cookie Oven

    The new spin on the Easy Bake Oven will make your girl scout favorites like ThinMints in just 15 minutes instead of 30.

  • ImagineX Ultra T-Rex


    Building on the popularity of dinosaurs at the movie this year—Jurassic Park, The Good Dinosaur—this T-Rex can walk, chomp, and even fire projectiles.

  • Star Wars Bladebuilders

    Wannabe Jedis can use Bladebuilders to construct their very own lightsaber, just like Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy.

  • Happy Dance Snoopy

    For families with kids too young to see Star Wars, this dancing Snoopy with flapping ears will be the perfect present for the child begging to watch The Peanuts Movie over and over again.

  • Doc McStuffins Take Care of Me Lambie


    The young doctor who nurses her stuffed animals back to health continues to be the most popular character among preschoolers. The newest Lambie addition to the Disney toy collection will help children figure out what’s ailing the creature.

  • Playmation


    Building on the Skylanders sensation, Playmation merges physical and digital play. But unlike most video games, it pulls kids away from the screen and out into their yards. Children can arm themselves with Iron Man’s armor from The Avengers (or in coming years, Elsa’s crown from Frozen or a Star Wars lightsaber) as they run and jump to complete missions issued by the battery-run props.

  • MC2 Dolls

    They may look more like Bratz dolls than famed female scientists, but these science-and-math loving figures come with their own experiment kits and will star in an upcoming Netflix series.

  • Hello Barbie

    Fischer Price

    The new talking, wi-fi connected Barbie can have a two-way conversation with a child. Hello Barbie asks questions and remembers the answers, learning more about your child and developing your child’s conversation topics in response.

  • BB-8 Droid

    Another Star Wars toy that’s destined to be a hit this year. This app-enabled droid from Colorado-based Sphero responds to voice commands and creates holographic recordings, all while rolling across your living room floor. It has an adaptive personality that changes as a user interacts with it.

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