The Beauty of Sexuality Is Openness

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There’s no right, there’s no wrong

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I think that the idea of a monogamous relationship needs to be accepted as a possibility moving forward in our progressive society.

But the beauty of sexuality is that it’s open-ended. There’s no right, there’s no wrong. It’s based on the individual. The beauty of it is that just because one person, or two people, or three people, or however many people are involved in a relationship structure that works for them, that doesn’t mean that’s the right way. All that needs to happen is that when people enter into relationships, and while they’re in these relationships, they need to have open discussions about their emotions, feelings and boundaries, and then they need to respect each other. I’ve been in relationships where anything went; I’ve been in relationships where I didn’t have sex off camera at all. The interest of the youth doesn’t seem to be the consistent with the old format of relationships.

So, is it monogamy obsolete? Absolutely not. Is it something that’s in the future we’re going to see less of? Yes.

Deen is an adult-film actor and director

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