Amy Schumer

TIME 100 2015 Amy Schumer
Martin Schoeller for TIME

The honesty bomb

Amy Schumer is the girl you knew at your fantasy school—yeah, her at the back with the quick, dangerous eyes. When you wished the funny ones were also kind, when you wondered why none of the clever ones had real guts, when you wanted sexy to look like something properly glamorous and more interesting than an action figure, it was Amy you were dreaming up.

She’s the one most likely to be on your side when the bullies circle in. That’s her face, there, that one pushing in to save you, elbowing them out of the way. She’s the one who misses nothing: who buys no bullsh-t, fitted with a radar as keen as a rabbiting spaniel.

She’s the first in the water every time, fully clothed with the abandon only 8- or 80-year-olds tend to display, and she urges us to join her. I’m in.

Amy’s got your back.
She’s in your corner.
She’s an honesty bomb.
And she’s coming for you.

Swinton is an Academy Award–winning actor

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