Mellody Hobson

TIME 100 2015 Mellody Hobson
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Finance whiz

I met Mellody Hobson when she was a senior in high school at a breakfast for Chicago business elite. Quite frankly, I don’t remember any of the Chicago business elite, but I did remember Mellody because she made such a deep impression.

Mellody is determined, disciplined and enormously curious. I’ve seen her abilities manifested in the boardroom at Starbucks, where we both serve. She’s always very direct. You do not have to wonder what Mellody’s opinion is. She also has a deep commitment to improving financial literacy among moderate and low-income Americans.

From her efforts as president of Ariel Investments to her work in my presidential campaign, Mellody exudes a cheerful confidence that makes people want to follow her. She has said her goals are to do well, surrounded by interesting people, and change the world for the better. Since she’s already doing those things now, just imagine what the next 30 years will bring.

Bradley is a former three-term Senator from New Jersey

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