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Hello from the Parenting Newsletter’s southern bureau. This week a friend and I were discussing the value of looking out for OPC. That’s Other People’s Children. Sometimes, this can seem like the last thing you want—more kids to worry about, to run after, to cook for. (One of my relatives left a child with someone recently and when he went to pick her up, she looked unwell. Propping her on the countertop to check her up, he was horrified when she leaned over and threw up all over her play date’s mom’s really expensive handbag.) Those mishaps aside, there’s a real joy in watching OPC’s develop and grow and you can form a bond with your kids’ friends and your friends’ kids that they will remember forever.

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Nobody ever wants to talk about this, but it’s a very complicated and messy thing to prevent child abuse and sometimes it comes at a deep cost to parents. The New Yorker takes a dive into the process. I’ve had acquaintances who have been through this and cleared and it’s ugly, but I guess most people would argues that it’s better than the alternative. The New Yorker

This is not traditional news, but parenting news is a big tent. A colleague alerted me to this fantastic Brad Aaron Modlin poem “What You Missed the Day You Were Absent From Fourth Grade.”  The only online version I could find is here.

Since we’re getting close to Back To School in the northern hemisphere, here is a timely reminder of the reasons we don’t have 12 months of school every year. It’s bad for braaaains, especially the young ones. Motherly

The suicide rate for girls was higher than ever in 2015, according to the CDC. From 2007 to 2015 alone, suicide rates doubled among teen girls and by more than 30% among teen boys.  One expert put it down to economic instability. TIME

A former spy chief is encouraging parents to let kids spend MORE time online. He thinks it will make them better able to counter cyber-threats. It remains unclear whether this guy has actually raised any children recently, however. NYTimes

Hilariously, a woman was asked to cover up while breastfeeding, in London’s Victoria & Albert museum, which of course is full of imagery of nursing moms. She posted about it on social media, with predictable results. Motto

Minimalist parenting is a thing. This person tried it for a week. Her account didn’t make it feel super minimalist to me, but for what it’s worth, here’s her account. Romper

PFFT: Parenting from Famous Types

Jill Kargman, the star of Odd Mom Out and mother of three.

“We’re out two nights and home five. It’s a rule. People will say, ‘Are you free such and such night?’ and there’s this new thing where you can’t just say no…they’re like, ‘Why? Where are you going?’ And I say, ‘I’m home with the kids.’ And they’re like, ‘That’s not an event.’ I’m like, ‘Well, I’m already out two nights that week.'”

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