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Greetings to big people who have little people,

The week after you co-write a really sad cover story about parents who have lost children to gun violence, you get to hear people's reactions. A lot of parents wrote to me with extremely heart-rending stories of how they lost their kids. I thought they were incredibly brave. Many of them recommended an organization known as The Compassionate Friends, which offers support to parents and siblings who have lost someone. I pass along that recommendation to you, should you ever have a friend in need.

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Everybody’s child will louse up eventually. Much as we want to protect them from the sting of failure, it’s impossible and a bad idea to do that. It’s key, this parenting expert says, to neither over react nor underreact to failure. There are two goals, which are somewhat competing: one is to comfort rather than just telling the kid to suck it up. The other is to help the little person develop some grit. TIME

Thinking about holiday presents for your tiny ones? Worried about the cost? Or about keeping them up with technological change? Good news from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Old school toys are actually the best for little hands and brains, according to a new report from pediatricians. TIME

Eggs: are they good for us? Should we be feeding them to kids? On the one hand: they're so useful! Soft-boiled with toast soldiers or asparagus, hard-boiled in lunchboxes, a fun little envelope for veggies in an omelette. On the other hand: what about all that cholesterol? Here's the latest thinking on the product of the hen. TIME

An interesting—and somewhat alarming—new study from Denmark has found a link between some childhood infections and later mental illness. The culprit may be the body's immune inflammatory system. "For all mental illnesses — excluding depression and bipolar disorder — the team found that being hospitalized for an infection was associated with an 84% higher risk of subsequently being diagnosed with a mental health disorder at a hospital and a 42% increased risk of being prescribed a medication for mental illness," says this story. NPR

Here's a story we published a few years back about that I like to resurface around gift-giving time. It's about how the holiday season, "with its flurry of commercial messages, is a great time to start discussing how to deal a central question kids will need to answer to navigate life: what’s considered a want, and what’s considered a need." How do you communicate the difference, to kids in an age appropriate way? TIME

Time for Kids has a great story this week about kids who have an incarcerated parent. It's more common than you might think. In the U.S., about 2.7 million children have a parent in jail or prison, according to a report from the Pew Charitable Trusts. That’s one in 28 kids. The TFK story might be one you'd like to share with your kids as a way of opening up discussion on what other families might be struggling with. Time For Kids

PFFT: Parenting from Famous Types

Lin Manuel Miranda, actor-dancer-musician-philanthropist and father of two

“The thing that drives you craziest about your children is the thing that’s most similar to you. My son’s a picky eater–he’ll take a bite, then think for 20 minutes, while I’m sitting there steaming. I know I was just as bad. My parents laugh and laugh.”

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