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Greetings people who are counting down the days until school starts,

Lots of discussion among my crowd this week on whether people should stand up for kids on public transport. The people who say they shouldn't point out that kids are younger, less tired, should learn that people aren't just going to give them stuff and probably only paid half price, if any price at all. The people who think kids should be given a seat on public transport only have one counterargument but it's a doozy: safety. It's usually easier to make sure the kid doesn't fall or run away and join the circus if they're sitting down. This was all sparked by this slightly parent-hating post about the NYC subway.

Would love to hear your thoughts. I'm at and @luscombeland on Twitter.

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“What your child needs right now is to see your smile. Create lots of happy memories together. When we know we are loved, the courage we need to resist depression and sadness wells up from inside us.” Beautiful interview with this amazing young non verbal author who has written two books already. And he's not even half my age. (Also pls note that a famous author, David Mitchell, he of Cloud Atlas and others, helped translate this. What?)  TIME

Raising a kid to be truly bilingual is giving them an enormous gift. But it’s much harder than it looks, actually. The developing brain can only hold so much vocabulary, for a start.   New York Times

It's possible you may have noticed that we are in an incredibly difficult political season, not just among people who work in government but among neighbors. Even among families. Sometimes even among couples. But some parents, especially mothers, are crossing the mined perimeter around this very divided political field to join together around one thing: healthcare for their sick kids. TIME

It’s really easy to focus on a kids’ challenges and spend the bulk of your parental energy and resources on helping them to overcome the things you worry will trip them up. But a lot of parenting experts are now encouraging folks to focus instead on a kids’ strengths instead. For those of you who are a bit stuck, as I was, on what those might be, here’s how to figure it out. Motto

Yet another reminder that there are two types of working parents (three if you count the ones whose work is raising kids full-time unpaid): the ones whose jobs allow them to work from home occasionally, who are usually college educated. And the ones whose jobs require them to be on location, who often are not. Small suggestion: national policies and businesses need to be able to address both. Please. (See, I did ask nicely.)  IFS

From the awwww files. A Canadian mother whose child had died was getting remarried. Unbeknownst to her, her husband-to-be invited the guy who had got her son’s donated heart and was therefore able to live to the wedding. Much emotion ensued.  CBC

PFFT: Parenting from Famous Types

Serena Williams, tennis champ and soon to be mom, on whether her kid will be playing tennis

“No. That would be my initial reaction. Just because I’ve done it, my sister’s done it. Maybe it just skips a generation. But maybe not, we’ll see. If they’re passionate about it, then obviously I’m going to be so supportive of it. We’ll see what their passion is.”

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