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Dear curators of other humans, Forgive me if you saw this on my social feeds already, but I found a punnet of blueberries in the fridge this week with just one blueberry. Just. One. Why? This prompted a large number of fellow parents to share their pet leftover peeve: the cereal box with a completely empty scrunched up bag inside, the empty water jug in the fridge, the full water jug outside the fridge, the one spoonful of ice cream in the gallon container, the frozen but water-free ice trays. I list these not to shock you but to help you realize you are not alone. Need to vent about that or other issues? I’m @luscombeland or And now the news:

Most Americans think that there should be SOME kind of paid family leave, a new Pew Study finds. They just can’t agree on who should pay for it. And some of the other details aren't yet universally agreed upon. Plus, the way this health insurance business has gone, consensus does not seem imminent. So if you've been holding your breath for the U.S. to join the rest of the developed world in having family leave laws soon, exhale. Pew Research

Are you an older mom? Are you partnered with an older mom? Well, lucky you. A new study that followed more than 4700 moms for eight years found that older mother are superior to younger ones in several ways, particularly around discipline, and especially when the kids are younger. It joins a number of other studies that suggest there are advantages to being a bit longer in the tooth when you raise kids. (Just between you and me, the author of this piece is an ancient dad.) TIME

A lot of public schools now have salad bars. The trick is to get the kids to eat from them. Brigham Young University has some suggestions, and they include *surprise* marketing. BYU

The eraser challenge is now a thing apparently. Spoilsporter alert: rubbing an eraser at high speed against tender skin hurts (who knew?), so discourage this little hobby, if it crops up. Otherwise, don't mention it.  TIME

Some teenagers are making thousands of dollars just using the Internet and home-made slime. Feel free to forward this to the less industrious teenager of your choice.  Money

Occasionally, family dinners are sublime, the way you imagined family life would be. These are rare. Many family dinners, you wonder why you bother. And then there are those when you deeply regret your life choices, especially the ones you are dining with. Forcing parents to prepare family dinners may be counterproductive, as some studies have shown. But as this mother points out, the only thing worse than family dinners is no family dinners. Washington Post.

At this prom, nobody asks anybody. Dates are assigned by lottery. That’s certainly a lot less fun for the parents to watch and giggle at, but it has other charms, including that nobody gets left out. TIME

If you worry that you are a distracted parent (cough, phone, Facebook, Instagram, texting, cough), then you will love this piece by the always worth reading Perri Klass. New York Times

Ever wondered what your toddlers did after they went to bed? If this hilarious video is any indication, they did A LOT. These twins' antics were caught on a so-called nanny-cam, but in this case it's more like a "DIY redecoration cam." Or a "toddler-party" cam. Or a "you did what with the pillows?" cam. TIME

PFFT: Parenting from Famous Types

Krsten Bell, actor and mother of two

“My husband and I tap out and take mini meditative breaks because we have two toddlers — they're so ****ing loud — and we keep an eye on each other. We'll go "Oh, okay you can take a break; I'll take over." When you're in the ring, you gotta tap out with your partner.”

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