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Hello people who raise people

Biggest parenting news of the week is probably the new member soon to join our ranks, one Serena Williams of the tennis Williams, who announced she was 20 weeks pregnant with an Instagram mirror selfie in a yellow swimsuit and belly chain and the words 20 weeks. As you do. Counting back, this means won the Australian Open while she was two months pregnant. When I was two months pregnant I was moping around making sure I always had a throw up receptacle in my line of sight. Welcome Serena to the beginning of a new life and the beginning of the end of your dignity.

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Interesting new study on how subsidizing child care, so that more parents can work, has a bigger effect on the later lives of their sons than their daughters. I wonder why? New York Times

Millennials are more focused on jobs than on marriage and kids. Yes, many people are like that when they are young, but these days those attitudes last longer. More than half of Millennials (born roughly between 1983 and 2000, so some of them are already 30+), think a spouse and kids are not very important. No word from the Census Bureau, which released the figures, on whether Millennials realize that a spouse and kids, like many things we humans consider unimportant, can be fun. TIME

Is it O.K. to look after kids while smoking pot? Part of the answer of course, depends on the context. How different are parents munching on a marijuana edible at the end of the day from those who are enjoying a quiet wine or cocktail at dinner? Canada is in the vanguard of nations legalizing pot, so it's going to be a question for those parents first. Today's Parent

Hot on the heels of Sheryl Sandberg opening up about her husband's death and the fears she has for her kids, comes a former kid opening up about losing a parent. This kid, like Sandberg's, has famous parents. It's Prince Harry. It sounds like he could have used some of the advice Sandberg gives in her new book Option B. TIME

Remember tomboys? Those girls who weren't particularly into frilly clothes or pink but were nevertheless very comfortable with having two X-chromosomes? They were kind of scruffy and short haired and (in my particular case) given to fighting to solve problems. Well this parent would like people to asking if her tomboy girl is in transition to be a boy. She's not gender non-conforming, she's gender-role nonconforming. New York Times.

Are parents happier than non-parents? There is considerable academic disagreement about this, although the studies tend to come down on the side of no, especially in the younger years and especially in the USA. But a new study has found that if you ask parents who actually have kids in the home, rather than those who have ever had any kids at any point, they are happier than non-parents. This is a change since the mid 90s,not because parents got happier, but because non-parents got less happy. Here's an interview with the study's author.  IFS

PFFT: Parenting from Famous Types

Sienna Miller, actor and mother of a toddler daughter

"I had an amazing moment the other day where I just heard this ‘Mama!’ from upstairs. I said, ‘I’m coming, I’m coming.’ And as I got to the landing I just smelled, like, puke. And she’d thrown up basically off the top bunk, so the splatters were like: Pow! Like all four walls. She had the norovirus or whatever. And I skidded on the sick and fell. Whacked my head. Then I get her out of the bunk; she’s crying, covered in sick. I take her to the bathroom, take all her clothes off, and then the dog comes up and starts eating the sick. And I get her in the bath and in my bed, and I’m just, like, literally naked, mopping, and crying at midnight. You know, and that’s parenthood."

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