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Hello again parents

I missed you last week because I was off interviewing Ivana Trump about her new book Raising Trumps. There are soooooo many ways in which the first Mrs. Trump and I are very different and, not surprisingly, mothering technique is one of them. (Also, I couldn’t help noticing while I was at her place, we diverge on the issue of how much decoration one room can withstand.) Nevertheless, she loves her kids, is heartwarmingly proud of them and did her best to raise them as well as her challenges and blindspots and life situation allowed, the same as the rest of us do. Oh yeah, and with lots and lots and lots more money.

Read all about the first Mrs. Trump below, and see some family fotos.

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One of my favorite details from Trump’s book is that she liked to feed her children sea urchins freshly harvested from beneath her yacht by her boyfriend and seasoned only with a sip of champagne. Yummy. Please feel free to offer that to your kids for dinner and take photos of their reactions and send to me. Details in  TIME.  Photo album here.

Getting your kids outdoors all year can be a lot of work. So much mud. So many layers of clothing. But a new report out of Norway, where cold weather is really cold, finds that time spent outdoors is positively correlated with increased executive functioning: that is, the ability to plan and get things done. Executive functioning, in turn, is very linked with doing well at school. Child Trends

One of the reasons kids are spending less time outdoors is that they have more options for fun things to do on their phones. And having a child indoors in your home sometimes feels safer for parents. We know where they are. But child experts are becoming alarmed about the possibility that all that time spent on media is linked with depression, which has shot up in recent years. TIME

And in case you’re wondering, yes, here are the tips for managing smartphones with your kids. (I’ve tried all of these and lost nearly every battle, but some worked well for a while. You have my best hopes.) TIME

What kind of dads are more likely to pull their weight at home? (Don’t write to me about this dads, unless you think time-use studies are lying.) Slate has one list  of optimal hands-on dad qualities. (Since I'm on a Trump theme, I will note that he was very hands-off according to his first wife. She says he couldn't really talk to them until they were old enough to talk business. So there is that model.)

Take your pick of super sad parenting stories this week, including this one on Motto from a dad about what he learned from his mom's suicide, but the one that stood out to me was this close up look at Ugandan orphans who were adopted by well-meaning Americans, only to discover, to their horror, as the kids learned to speak English, that they weren't orphans at all. CNN

PFFT: Parenting from Famous Types

Ivana Trump (yes, again), author, real estate executive, TV shopping mogul and mother of three.

“They would say good morning to their father. They would go to the school and then after the school, I kept them busy, busy, busy, busy. They had singing classes, piano classes, karate classes, the golf classes, the skiing classes, the ice-skating classes, ballet classes. And this is only one way, how you keep the kids out of trouble. If they are busy, they have no time to get in trouble.”

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