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Hi Parentally-inclined People,

One of my offspring, unhappy with the room that has been provided for her, has been redesigning it. As folks of her budget do, she went to IKEA. There she found her current set of drawers. The unit in which she and her older sibling have kept their clothes for more than a decade and a half. It was in the baby-furniture section. Reader, we heard about it. As it turns out, we still use the baby bath (not for bathing) and some of the toddler step stools. So when you feel you have not met the current unreachable standards society has established for early twenty-first century parents, remember this. At least your kids are not using baby furniture.

I’m at or @luscombeland on Twitter. Feel free to follow me, but not necessarily my parenting philosophy. P.S. If you like this newsletter, please pass it on to a friend. And if you got it from a friend, sign up here for email delivery each Friday. You know, more or less.

So much discussion among my crew this week about Michelle Jones. As a teenage mom, she was convicted of killing her son. In prison she turned her life around and after serving a long stretch is now starting a PhD at New York University. But Harvard didn't take her, partly because of the infanticide.  I tried to tease out some thoughts about all this. TIME

Then there's this British mother, who chose to send her kids to a nursery with thinner workers rather than one with workers she considered unhealthily overweight. We all make parenting choices for noble and ignoble reasons. We don't all write about it. But this mom did. Much early 21st century mud-slinging then ensued. Feel free to take a side. Us

More evidence that telling your kids they're smart or even that they have a reputation for being smart might be a bad idea: it makes them more likely to cheat, according to two new studies out of Canada. (They do it to save face.) Alas, there's no research yet on whether telling them they have a reputation for cleaning the cat box might make them sneak around and do it when nobody is watching.  UofT

The most powerful librarian in the land, who, for the first time ever, is a woman, has a book she wants young girls to read. No I'm not going to tell you its name. It's a closely held secret. You might be able to find out  here-----> Motto

First Harvey, then Irma. And that's just in the U.S.  Thought it might be worth drawing attention to a helpful piece on how to help kids go through natural disasters. "...Most kids will emerge from these experience just fine. But for a small minority, the effects can linger for years." TIME

If your kid is suddenly behaving like a jerk, it might be back to school  anxiety/blues/blahs. But how do you help when all they seem to want to do is push you away? I found these tips useful. Medium

I include this tweet because it made me laugh. If you have a child who uses a digital device to communicate with his or her friends, watch out! Twitter

PFFT: Parenting from Famous Types

Stephen Colbert, talk show host and father of three,

“I know if I meet somebody and they call the 2-year-old the terrible twos it’s their first child, because they are nothing compared to the threes.”

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