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Maika Monroe in Longlegs. Courtesy of NEON


  • Longlegs. Maika Monroe stars in this much-anticipated horror film. Monroe chats with TIME about the movie here.
  • Sunny. This tech thriller staring Rashida Jones is is at its best when working in dramedy mode. Read our review here. We also talked to Jones about the series. Here's the interview.
  • Lost. This popular TV show from the early aughts has finally hit Netflix, but if you're watching it for the first time, our TV critic has some suggestions. Read here.


  • Sharks Don't Sink. Throughout shark scientist Jasmin Graham’s riveting debut memoir she compares herself to the oft-misunderstood titular fish. Read more.
  • The Bright Sword. Best-selling author Lev Grossman, a former TIME critic, is back with a new, sweeping medieval epic that offers a fresh take on the legend of King Arthur. Read more.
  • Liars. In essayist and poet Sarah Manguso’s unflinching second novel, the plucky protagonist makes stirring observations about marriage and identity. Read more.

Talking About

  • Before the next installment of House of the Dragon, here's a refresher on last week's cliffhanger ending.
  • The youngest daughter of celebrated Canadian author Alice Munro revealed that she was sexually abused by Munro’s second husband and that when she informed her mother of the abuse, Munro stood by him. Read more.
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